Marijuana Business Magazine October 2018

FOR PREMIUM EXTRACTS EXCEllEnCE In qUAlITy And InnOvATIOn PREMIUM vAPES RIPPER 2 in 1 Sub-Ohm Oil/Wax Device Sub-Ohm Kit Don’t use a cheap $2.00 Vape tank for your high dollar extracts, when you buy a HoneyStick premium sub ohm device you are using the best leakproof engineering to get the most out of your extracts and use devices that justify the most premium concentrates. With high battery life, premium feel, and cannabis cup award winning functionality when you choose a HoneyStick sub ohm vape you are getting simply the best Elevating the vaping experience with greater flavor notes and greater intensity each unit is performance inspired to operate at levels outside the reach of standard vape pens. Whether it is a vape kit you buy or one of our sub ohm vape tanks for prefill, these Sub-Ohm units dominate each category from stay at home units to full on sub ohm concealers that deliver larger than life clouds, and flavor filled hits with every puff. Your premium extracts can be for medical use or recreational pleasure, at HoneyStick we focus on delivery and the most effective activation with the highest level of taste accentuation. Our units allow you to dial into the sweet spot or surpass your wildest expectations. Each unit is quality, elegant, and intense. Get the most out of your vape by vaping a HoneyStick. Sub-Ohm Sport Kit A product from Powered by A publicly traded company (VPRB)