Marijuana Business Magazine November December 2018

S ince launching in 2014, Seattle-based SinglePoint has grown from a full-service mobile technology firm into a diversified public holding company. With a portfolio that includes payment solutions, ancillary cannabis services and blockchain technology, the company began trading on the over-the-counter market earlier this year under the ticker symbol SING. As the firm sets out to expand, its sights are set on beef- ing up its portfolio of ancillary cannabis ventures, said Wil Ralston, the firm’s president. “We research opportunities where we can be active within the company and influence strategy and direction,” he said. Q What’s the best cannabis investment you’ve made and why? A Discount Indoor Garden Supply, for a couple reasons. The relationship has provided SinglePoint a foothold in California, where the company is located, and given us access not only to work with cultivators but also to supply consumer products. It’s really a nice range of customers that we have, anywhere from cultivation operations, to dispensaries, to individual customers ordering products online. It’s also opened the door for us to develop a wide range of products from hemp-based CBD, including capsules, tinctures, beverages and other consumption methods. The other important benefit of our acquisition of this company is that it has brought us a lot of strategic relationships and added a lot of expertise from within the cannabis industry that we didn’t have. Q What attracted you to these marijuana-related companies and opportunities? A One of the primary things that attracted us was a market worth $5 billion and projections up to $50 billion. There was just a massive hypergrowth opportunity within the industry, so we were looking to invest in smaller- to medium-sized businesses, help them with the growth capital they need to be a part of that boom. MONEY MATTERS ¬nvesting & Finance ¬nsight Q&A with the president of SinglePoint public holding company Wil Ralston By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn 10 • Marijuana Business Magazine • November/December 2018