Marijuana Business Magazine November December 2018

lNSlGHTFUL lNDUSTRY OBSERVATlONS What They’re SAYING “A lot of people who think it’s a good thing (to have a business- friendly market) also want to protect the mom and pops. But when you have a free- for-all, it’s the well- financed and larger guys who survive.” – Bud Scott , attorney and executive director of marijuana trade group New Health Solutions Oklahoma, on the potential pitfalls in a medical cannabis market with virtually no business restrictions but potentially low patient numbers. Source: Marijuana Business Daily “We’re one step closer to finally ending prohibition and legitimizing the industry. (But) it could really be a burden to the medical sector if the FDA becomes involved.” – James Minutello , CEO of Leaf Logix, a California company that makes cannabis-focused business management software, on the significance of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reclassifying some CBD from Schedule 1 to Schedule 5, as long as the drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Source: Hemp Industry Daily “The biggest barrier for edibles is not going to be solvents or pesticides. It’s going to be label claims (of THC potency) and the 10% (variance allowed under state regulations).” – Swetha Kaul , the chief scientific officer at Santa Ana- based Cannalysis Labs, on the fact that marijuana-infused products can be safe and contaminant-free but still not meet California standards. Source: Marijuana Business Daily 172 • Marijuana Business Magazine • November/December 2018