Marijuana Business Magazine February 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | February 2019 112 There were wins, there were losses, and there’s more ambiguity. … But what we have is a final game board for regulation. Source: Marijuana Business Daily – Pamela Epstein Founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Green Wise, on the final regulations that will govern California’s marijuana industry. Source: Marijuana Business Daily You’re not going to maximize on innovation if you don’t maximize the number of smart minds who are contributing. When we are creating these barriers that keep people out, we miss out on that great innovation. Innovation that could be coming from someone who we’re not letting play. – Jeannette Ward Horton Executive director and co-founder of Portland, Oregon-based NuLeaf Project and vice president of global marketing and communications for Denver-based MJ Freeway, on the importance of increasing diversity in marijuana business ownership. Source: Hemp Industry Daily – Robert Leaker CEO of Montana-based hemp producer and manufacturer Vitality CBD Natural Health Products, on the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. As a small business, this is incredibly exciting. We see access to capital, as well as access to large potential buyers of CBD, to be all opening up because of this. Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations