Marijuana Business Magazine February 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | February 2019 14 For pest prevention/elimination, I like to use a Dramm Coldfogger for application of a MilStop and Cease tank-mix. This allows for the application of two different modes of action for powdery mildew prevention at the same time. Also, using fogging as an application tool allows for complete coverage of plant material, which is essential for contact pesticides. Pick: A mix of Cease Microbial Fungicide and Bactericide and MilStop Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide DANIEL HOPPER Cultivation Manager, Silver State Relief—Sparks, Nevada At CVD, good pest prevention begins with great sanitation. Our favorite product is ZeroTol 2.0. We use it to sanitize pots and growing surfaces, and it keeps our grow areas clean, which translates to healthier plants and better products for our customers. We also use it on our plants ahead of biological control applications. It’s OMRI-listed, safe to use and incredibly versatile in its application. SETH GILLIM Senior Manager of Cultivation, Champlain Valley Dispensary (CVD) and Southern Vermont Wellness—Burlington and Brattleboro, Vermont Pick: ZeroTol 2.0 from BioSafe Systems E ach month, we survey a group of marijuana industry executives and ask them to share a favorite item—such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingredient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month: favorite pest control products. My Favorite Things | Pest Control NOAH CORNELL Director of Cultivation, Aster Farms—Oakland, California Focusing on bringing clean genetics to the farm and growing from seed whenever possible is priority No. 1. No. 2 is supporting a native predator insect population, such as praying mantises and ladybugs, through encouraging biodiversity on the farm. Pick: Predator insects such as praying mantises and ladybugs Azadirachtin is one of our preferred pesticides. It is widely used in many natural insecticides. Our preferred application is to apply as a proactive foliar (treatment)—attack before it is even there. This allows us to never have to defend reactively. Catch early, fast and obliterate. Pick: Azadirachtin BERTO TORRES Chief Operating Officer, GFarmaLabs—San Rafael, California By Omar Sacirbey