Marijuana Business Magazine February 2019

2 Marijuana Business Magazine | February 2019 February FEATURES 40 10 KILLER TECHNOLOGIES Innovation is sweeping through every sector of the cannabis industry and transforming how companies do business. COVER STORY TABLE OF CONTENTS Marijuana Business Magazine February 2019 • Volume 6 • Issue 2 UbiGro quantum dot-film converts sunlight into red-orange light that boosts cannabis production. The film is one of 10 technologies highlighted in our cover story starting on page 40. Photo courtesy of UbiGro 74 HOW TO KEEP TOP-TIER BUDTENDERS From training and education to health care and pay, retail executives share strategies for retaining budtenders. 82 SHARK BAIT Cannabis businesses can avoid predatory lenders by steering clear of unsolicited offers and heeding key warning signs. 56 CANADA GETS CLINICAL As regulators hamstring packaging and marketing efforts, cannabis brands get creative in their outreach to consumers. 66 GENERATION GAP Age-specific marketing and advertising will make your message resonate among millennials, boomers and other age groups.