Marijuana Business Magazine March 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | March 2019 136 – Jordan Wellington Chief compliance officer at Simplifya, a Denver- based compliance software firm, on how Canada’s THC limits will affect U.S. companies trying to enter the edibles market north of the border. By limiting the entire packages to 10 milligrams of THC, the regulators will increase the amount of packaging waste associated with edible cannabis products and make legal businesses less competitive against the black-market operators that aren’t restrained on edible potency. Source: Marijuana Business Daily International The idea is to create a certification and a seal, so that when looking at a bottle of hemp oil, the consumer has confidence and law enforcement has confidence that what’s in that bottle is really hemp, and it’s been tested to specific standards. – Marielle Weintraub President of the new U.S. Hemp Authority, on why the organization was created. Source: Hemp Industry Daily In the next year, we’re going to see CBD start to transition out of just health and wellness and into everyday products in your stores. – Christine Smith CEO and founder of Portland, Oregon-based infused product maker Grön, on the growth potential for CBD goods. Source: Hemp Industry Daily Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations