Marijuana Business Magazine March 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | March 2019 14 My Favorite Things | Hiring Resources By Omar Sacirbey We posted our job openings on and received more than 300 resumes in three days. It took us months to go through all the resumes and narrow them down, and Indeed proved to be a great resource. Indeed is one of the largest and most popular sites for job searches, and it’s very user-friendly. We first started using Indeed prior to opening shop to hire 10 wellness advisers. Since our initial posting, candidates have been applying directly with us, so we haven’t had to post again. Pick: Indeed ZEINA FRAYHA Founder, HerbaFi Wellness dispensary— Silver Spring, Maryland We love to hire and promote from within the company. Many of our open positions are filled by current employees and our employee referral program. When we post positions outside of the company, Indeed is my go-to when I am searching for entry- level, middle management or director-level employees. Through my applicant-tracking system, JazzHR, I can see that most of our candidates come from boosted Indeed posts and our own website. Indeed includes our candidate questionnaires as well, so we know a little more about each person before we decide to conduct an interview. LARA MCDERMOTT Human Resources Manager, Wana Brands—Boulder, Colorado Picks: Indeed, internal employee referral program, JazzHR EMILY FITZGERALD Human Resources Director, Cresco Labs—Chicago Cresco is focused on attracting subject-matter experts in every sector of our industry, and we use a few different tools to attract them: Indeed, LinkedIn, recruiting firms and, our favorite, referrals. We find a lot of success in our current employees referring previous coworkers or friends that have the appropriate background and experience. Indeed and LinkedIn bring us a diverse talent pool that helps us find the best candidate for the role. Lastly, the recruiting firms we partner with help us find those tough-to-fill roles. Using multiple different avenues to find talent brought a lot of success in 2018, with over 400 new hires. Picks: Indeed, LinkedIn, recruiting firms, referrals Each month, we survey a group of marijuana industry executives and ask them to share a favorite item—such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingredient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at editorial@ Since the job market is tight nowadays, this month we’ve asked executives about their favorite hiring resources .