Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | April 2019 100 C ome Back Daily pulls off the look and feel of a cool Manhat- tan cafe, but the owners have built their model around cannabi- noids rather than coffee. Located near Chinatown and Tribeca, Come Back Daily opened its doors in November to capitalize on the booming CBD market and get ahead of the anticipated legalization of recreational marijuana in New York. The owners of the retail space want to move cannabinoid-infused products out of the typical head shop or dispensary setting. Come Back Daily offers a place where customers can learn about, buy and use tinctures, topicals, edibles and other CBD-infused products. “Besides the retail aspect of it— selling CBD to customers and educat- ing and informing the masses—I’m really passionate about cannabis and the industry that’s forming around it, and I want to create a hub,” said Ste- ven Phan, one of Come Back Daily’s three co-founders. CBD Chic By Adrian D. Garcia Come Back Daily opened a trendy CBD store in Manhattan to set itself apart from the typical cannabis dispensary Business Strategies | Retail The owners of Come Back Daily opened a retail storefront in Lower Manhattan in November 2018. Courtesy Photo Steven Phan is the co-founder of Come Back Daily. Courtesy Photo