Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | April 2019 124 It’s got to be about the quality of the product we’re putting out first. If you’re putting profit in front of quality, you’re going to end up chasing that dollar until you shut your business down. If you put quality first, then the profit naturally follows. – Ted Whitney Sales director for NUG, a vertically integrated cannabis company in California, on a key lesson he learned during his previous stints with several craft beer giants. Source: Marijuana Business Daily Unlike other industries I’ve invested in, cannabis is rife with scale-inhibiting regulations, founders with potential black marks on their record and a change rate that can leave portfolio companies in the dust. Retail is a temporary phenomenon. – Michael Steinmetz CEO of Flow Kana, on what’s driving the California-based marijuana producer and distributor’s strategy to build scale in the middle of the supply chain rather than the beginning (cultivation) or the end (storefront). Source: Marijuana Business Daily Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations Source: Marijuana Business Daily’s Investor Intelligence newsletter – Codie Sanchez Partner at early stage investment funds CS Ventures and Magma Partners, on the importance of due diligence in the marijuana sector.