Marijuana Business Magazine May-June 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | May-June 2019 6 From the CEO | Cassandra Farrington I nfused products are where changing state regula- tions meet emerging cannabis science. Where the USDA and FDA meet public perception and PR risks. Where testing requirements meet home kitchens. I could go on. Infused products have proved to be an extremely popular way to consume cannabis. An entire generation has been raised with clear understanding of the health risks associated with smoking anything ; plenty of cannabis-curious potential consumers believe edibles are approachable and a way to try the plant without inhaling. Even those who have smoked cannabis for years sometimes prefer the discreteness of a mint or fruit chew. Taking concentrates and vape pens into account, infused products could be the largest segment of the market in a handful of years. Questions remain, however: • How will governmental regulations change to control this space? • Which will be the most popular product catego- ries within this segment? • What emerging science should be on the radar of infused product manufacturers? Business opportunities abound in the answers to every one of these questions. And while no one has a crystal ball, the editorial team at MJBizDaily has put together the next-best thing: this issue of Marijuana Business Magazine, developed through dozens of interviews with the leading entrepreneurs, researchers, edibles chefs and investors who spend all day, every day, focused on answering those questions. And the answers can come none too soon. The Cana- dian market is poised to take off as soon as regulations allow infused products to be sold. That could happen as soon as October and bring market opportunities worth millions of dollars. Meanwhile, extraction technology continues to improve; being on the forefront of the right tech devel- opments will enable early adopters to get a head start on competition. Whether you’re determined to be one of those early adopters, an investor in an infused product company, are looking to carry the most popular products in your retail location or supply processors with the best raw cannabis to ensure the success of your customers, this issue’s look into the future of infused products is a must-read. All the best, An Infusion of Opportunity Cassandra Farrington Co-Founder & CEO, MJBizDaily P.S. One thing the crystal ball is pretty clear on: Infused products will be a hot topic of conversation June 12-14 at MJBizConNEXT in New Orleans—and particularly among the attendees of the invitation-only Lead Extractor pre-conference event on Tuesday, June 11. Join top-of-the-industry extraction scientists and many other forward-thinking colleagues from across the industry to get the latest insights. Registration is now open a t . Register by May 23 to save $100!