Marijuana Business Magazine July 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | July 2019 118 When naming a business, keep in mind the market you serve and consider hiring a marketing firm to help the By John Rebchook P icking a name for a cannabis com- pany goes beyond making a pot pun or incorporating words like “420,” “canna” or “green” into your brand. The name of your marijuana business should reflect the image you want consumers to associate with your brand. A name that doesn’t resonate with your desired market can keep your cannabis company from reaching its full potential. Choosing the right name is trickier for a cannabis company than for a conventional business, because mar- ijuana remains illegal at the national level and is still somewhat stigmatized. Also, legal marijuana is a relatively new industry. “Like any newer category, there’s a little Wild West involved,” said Bill Winchester, president and chief creative officer of the marketing firm Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, which has offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis. “As things mature, trademarking is going to become more important,” he continued. “Whether you want (your company’s name) to reinforce the stereotypes or lean away from them will become less of a personal preference and more of a business decision.” And it won’t be easy. “Naming is a hard thing to do,” said Ron Silver, owner of Azuca, a New York-based company with a line of CBD-infused syrups and edibles. “It’s a lot harder than people think,” Silver added. Azuca, for instance, is a derivative of azucar, the Spanish word for sugar and the company’s primary vehicle for delivering CBD. Ga e am Name Bill Winchester is the president and chief creative officer of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs. Courtesy Photo