Marijuana Business Magazine July 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | July 2019 148 Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations While we have seen an explosion of products containing CBD; there is still much that we don’t know about them. How much CBD is safe for a consumer per day? How much is too much? Source: Marijuana Business Daily – Dr. Ned Sharpless Acting head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, on how dosing will figure prominently in the FDA’s approach to cannabis-derived products in food, drugs and cosmetics. Source: Hemp Industry Daily Any time you think of marketing, the most important thing you can think of is, ‘Who’s my audience?’ And if your audience is twenty-somethings, there’s certainly a way to do it. The color is different, the aggressiveness is different. And as you move up the age chain, you have to say, ‘What am I trying to accomplish here? What is my message?’ – Carol Bartz Former Yahoo CEO who is now board chair of California cannabis company Caliva, on what marijuana marketers can learn from the tech industry. Source: Marijuana Business Daily – Rob DiPisa Cannabis attorney with New Jersey law firm Cole Schotz, on how delays in the state’s efforts to legalize adult-use marijuana are impacting the potential industry. Some people are saying, ‘I don’t want to tie up all of my liquidity in New Jersey when New York is breathing right down its neck.’ So some have pumped the brakes. Some people are done with it. (Canadian investors believe) that there are real operators south of the border with talented management teams with meaningful experience in adjacent industries, whether that’s in alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals. – John Zamparo Analyst for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce subsidiary CIBC World Markets, on why cannabis investors are starting to turn their attention from Canada’s relatively small and highly regulated market to the more established U.S. marijuana sector. Source: Marijuana Business Daily International