Marijuana Business Magazine August 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | August 2019 114 N ew York City-based Azuca is using tiny, infused sugar gran- ules as the building blocks for its rapidly growing cannabis company. The company claims its patent-pending granules allow Azuca’s CBD- and THC-infused sweets and cookies to take effect in two to 15 minutes, while traditional edibles can take up to four hours. The products that make those sweets and cookies possible—and set Azuca apart from other edibles manufacturers—are fast-acting, infused sugars and syrups that can be stirred into batters, doughs and drinks. The company also has infused flakes for savory items. Founded in 2018 by New York City chef Ron Silver—the owner of Sweet Strategy By Adrian D. Garcia Azuca plans to build a multimillion-dollar cannabis company from fast-acting, infused sugar Business Strategies | Infused Azucaʼs cannabis-infused sugar crystals, top, are the backbone of the company founded by New York City chef Ron Silver, below. The company's infused products include shortbread cookies, above left, and Pate de Fruit, above right. Courtesy photos