Marijuana Business Magazine August 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | August 2019 1130 By Omar Sacirbey Periodic Edibles’ caramel products (pictured below) are a great best-seller. They hands-down fly off the shelf faster than other things. Each caramel is 50 milligrams and comes with a dosing guide. While that is a best-selling product, it is a best-selling product for somebody who knows they have a higher tolerance or who wants to get the most bang for their buck in an edible. Another smaller infused products company, Leif Goods, uses full-spectrum EHO (ethanol hash oil) or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) extraction to infuse their edibles, and they have a lot of different cannabinoid ratios that tend to be very comfortable for people who might be a little more cannabis-naïve or aren’t certain about the ratio that they like when consuming an edible. They are also one of the better sellers. In terms of flower, it depends on what somebody is looking for. A go-to for folks looking for intoxication and potency, The Heights Co. or High Noon Cultivars are producing fairly potent chemovars. Folks looking for little to no intoxication are finding a lot of great products from East Fork Cultivars. Yerba Buena has a couple of award-winning, CBD-rich chemovars: Blue Dragon, Desert Frost and Corazon, in particular, have won numerous awards. In terms of topicals, the Physics label under the Leif Goods line is a best-seller. It is one of the highest THC products that we have, and it comes in a lovely salve that spreads very nicely. Empower does a great line of mixed-ratio products using THCA—un-activated THC—and CBD. ANDREA SPARR-JASWA Director of Education, Farma—Portland, Oregon Each month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives and ask them to share a favorite item—such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingredient. Since we’re highlighting craft cannabis in this month’s magazine, we asked retail executives about their stores’ best-selling craft products . We welcome your suggestions for future topics. Email us at . ANN DEMARCO General Manager, Highland Health— Trinidad, Colorado My Favorite Things | Craft Products Periodic Edibles, Leif Goods, Empower, The Heights Co., High Noon Cultivars, East Fork Cultivars, Yerba Buena PICKS Right now—but this could change next month—we would say that OG Medicinals and Host Cannabis are our two primary suppliers of flower. They offer high-quality flower at affordable prices … and they are able to get us flower when we need it. Because we don’t have a lot of storage space—we order 10-14 pounds a week—it’s important to be able to get product when we need it. Chronic Creations is our most popular supplier of concentrates. They’re a strong, reliable, high-quality product. They’re consistent in achieving the effects that consumers are trying to achieve. OG Medicinals, Host Cannabis, Chronic Creations PICKS