Marijuana Business Magazine September 2019

2 Marijuana Business Magazine | September 2019 FEATURES 50 GROWING MOMENTUM The emergence of more overseas cannabis markets offers companies billions of dollars in business opportunities. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dialing in your irrigation water can help create robust, uniform product. Learn more on page 138. Photo Courtesy of Green Thumb Industries 92 EXIT RAMP UP Entrepreneurs hoping to sell or go public are encouraged to focus on building robust companies with clean balance sheets. 102 A GOOD GIG Cannabis companies are turning to temporary workers to address seasonal needs and specific projects. 114 LOOKING BACK ON A BURGEONING REC MARKET Five years after the start of sales, owners of Washington state cannabis companies reveal what they would have done differently.` 124 COVERT CURSE While common types of employee theft may be on the decline, experts advise cannabis retailers to minimize chances of more clandestine forms of thievery. Marijuana Business Magazine September 2019 • Volume 6 • Issue 8 September