Marijuana Business Magazine November-December 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | November-December 2019 176 By Omar Sacirbey Each month, we survey a group of marijuana industry executives and ask them to share a favorite item such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingredient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . Since this is gift-wrapping season, we asked executives: What are your favorite rolling papers and/or cones to use when making pre-rolls? My Favorite Things | Rolling Papers Futurola pre-rolled cones PICK Our go-to is always a natural, unbleached hemp cone, so that those who enjoy our Fuzzies (brand pre-rolls) can have a clean and flavorful experience. ALEX FANG CEO, Sublime Canna Oakland, California The main product we’ve used in the past and currently is the Raw brand. They’re the industry standard for rolling papers. They come in a nice package; they’re very easy to fit with the machinery that we use (Futurola rolling machine) to create them. They’ve got a nice tip that they use, and they burn really well. It’s all about the consumer’s experience, and you want to make sure when you’re smoking your pre-roll that you get a really nice, even, clean burn. Raw seems to do a really good job of that, and they’ve got good customer service. OBIE STRICKLER CEO, Grown Rogue Medford, Oregon SCOTT GOLDIE CEO, Goldenseed Santa Cruz, California We proudly use Futurola pre-rolled cones because they allow us to produce at a manufacturing rate, yet each cone gets that human touch when we add a drop of our fresh, same- flower terpenes to the tip of our joints. The cone paper is all-natural, the thinnest on the market and refined in France. The filters are made in Bali and hand-rolled, and they are free of any harsh chemicals. Raw rolling papers PICK Natural, unbleached hemp cone PICK