Marijuana Business Magazine November-December 2019

Marijuana Business Magazine | November-December 2019 184 – Kristin Nevedal Founder and executive director of the California- based International Cannabis Farmers Association, on how state regulators could help combat the illicit products that have led to the vaping crisis by providing stamps to vape manufacturers that are similar to those found on cigarette packages. If consumers are choosing to purchase unregulated products with no tax stamp or government-issued seal, it’s indicative of a flaw in our cannabis programs. If we had a way to make an unregulated product not economically viable or attractive to the unregulated market, that would help to curb it. Source: Marijuana Business Daily Notable Quotes | Insightful Industry Observations Source: Marijuana Business Daily International If (they) adjust to the demands of the global cannabis market and to the regulations Colombia has today, there is a path ahead (for businesses in the Latin American country). This is a great message for any investor who is interested in investing in Colombia to develop this industry and to use Colombia as an export platform. – Juliana Villegas Restrepo Vice president of exports at government agency ProColombia, on the potential opportunities for global cannabis entrepreneurs in Colombia’s emerging market. The irrational behavior of the hemp market has been fueled by a combination of artificial scarcity and speculation, which stems from regulatory restrictions prior to the 2018 Farm Bill and inexperienced farmers not converting anywhere close to 100% of their permitted acreage into a salable raw ingredient. – Michael Brubeck CEO of Centuria, a Nevada-based hemp processor and extraction company, on why there will be big losers among new hemp farmers who tried to cash in after the plant became federally legal. Source: Hemp Industry Daily