Marijuana Business Magazine January 2020

2 Marijuana Business Magazine | January 2020 FEATURES 40 FORESIGHT IS 2020 As the cannabis industry embarks on a new decade, businesses can expect new markets, fresh opportunities—and more pitfalls. TABLE OF CONTENTS 64 INTELLIGENT GROWTH Cannabis producers are using artificial intelligence to cut costs, improve crop quality and yield as well as handle inventory. 72 BUILDING BRAND LOYALTY THROUGH EXPERIENCES Cannabis companies use tours, silent discos and coffee carts to replace traditional advertising and get in front of customers. 80 DODGING DOWNSIZING Six tips to avoid having to lay off employees. 86 READYING FOR A RECALL Having a detailed plan in place allows cannabis cultivators to tackle a product recall before it spins out of control. January Having the right extraction equipment can save money and headaches. Learn more on page 96. Photo Courtesy of Denver Dab Co. Marijuana Business Magazine January 2020 • Volume 7 • Issue 1