Marijuana Business Magazine February 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | February 2020 106 Question ofthe Month | Valentine’s Day How does your business take advantage of the holiday devoted to romance? E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives and ask them an industry question. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . Since Valentine’s Day is this month, we asked infused cannabis companies and retailers: How does your business take advantage of the holiday devoted to romance? By Omar Sacirbey Product: Sexxpot pre-rolls Currently, Sexxpot is a queen-sized pre-roll that’s a combination of THC and CBD infused with cannabis-derived terpenes. For Valentine’s Day this year, we planned to launch our Sexxpot minis, which we’re calling Sexxpot Quickies. We did all the R&D and were into full-on production since Thanksgiving. Due to production issues (bright color pre-roll cones not passing heavy metal compliance testing) and our distributor apparently going out of business (we're still trying to retrieve product from their facility), we are not going to have the Sexxpot Minis ready for launch by Valentine’s Day. As anyone in the California cannabis business knows, pivot is the name of the game. We ramped up production on our original queen-sized pre-rolls while waiting for product and funds to be released by our bankrupt distributor. No one expected this business to be all hearts and roses! Karyn Wagner Chief Culture Evangelist, Paradigm Cannabis Group, Garberville, California Product: Love edibles 1906 Love was the first specially formulated edible aphrodisiac designed to increase blood flow, ignite libido and lower inhibitions in the bedroom. We were relentlessly curious during development and spent years in our lab doing research and collecting feedback from users. For Valentine’s Day specifically, we reimagined Love into a limited-edition chocolate heart meant to be broken in half and shared by lovers. Peter Barsoom CEO, 1906, Denver Products: Macaroons, chocolates and flower Over the past few years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in consumers opting to give cannabis as a gift. This year, we will be speaking to that consumer mindset and offering products like gourmet macaroons, delecta- ble edible chocolates and terpene-rich flower that make great gifts. Plus, we’re highlighting products that will allow our consumers to connect more deeply with one another and enjoy Valentine’s Day. Matt Janz Director of Marketing, The Source, Las Vegas