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Marijuana Business Magazine March 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | March 2020 12 PackagingCorner | Margaret Jackson W ildflower co-founder and Creative Director Amy Yamamura started the company with the goal of making CBD and plant-based wellness products accessible to as many people as possible, and she knew the packaging had to convey that the contents were safe and simple. The first step of Yamamura’s design process was extensive market research. She looked to higher-end cosmetics, wellness and nutraceutical products for inspiration. The company then worked with Vancouver, British Columbia-based creative agency Rethink to develop a logo for the brand, and Yamamura selected the colors white and teal, which she refers to as CBD Green, and came up with the tagline “Plants Heal.” What message are you trying to send with your packaging? The clean design of Wildflower’s packaging is intended to convey a message of simplicity, minimalism, quality and wellness. What measures do you take to make your packaging sustainable? Wildflower avoids using plastics in its packaging and tries not to overpackage its products. Instead, it uses glass, rubber and paper. For the soaps, Wildflower uses a slightly heavy paper stock box both for sanitary reasons and to protect them (soaps) from getting damaged. Yamamura said the company has one plastic packaging component that the company is looking to replace with more sustainable materials. “We use recyclable materials like glass and paper as much as we can,” she added. Wildflower is considering partnering with a company that helps businesses offset carbon emissions. What is the source of the physical packaging? Wildflower has been sourcing its packaging from China but is moving production to the United Sates. It also has a third-party packaging company that assists with sourcing material and printing. How much of the price of the products is spent on packaging? It depends on the product, but Wildflower packaging generally accounts for between 3% and 5% of the product’s total cost. WILDFLOWER BRANDS Founded: 2012 Market: Vancouver, British Columbia Products: CBD capsules, tinctures, vaporizers, topicals and soaps Price: Ranges from $29.99 for soaps to $79.99 for capsules and tinctures; bundle boxes are available for $199.99 Designer: Amy Yamamura Designing for Sustainability and Simplicity Co-founder of Wildflower Brands hopes minimalist design will make products stand apart from the noise