Marijuana Business Magazine April 2020

Marijuana Business Magazine | April 2020 12 PackagingCorner | Margaret Jackson D aVinci lead designer Jason Charron started working on packaging for the DaVinci IQ2 dual-use vaporizer the day he was hired—eight months before the product launched. He looked to wine and liquor packaging for inspiration. “We wanted to make it so nice that people want to keep it,” Charron said. What message was DaVinci trying to send with this packaging? Las Vegas-based DaVinci is selling a sophisticated vaporizer that it wants people to remember, so it needed beautiful packaging to complement the high-end product. The bright orange box has gull-wing doors similar to a DeLorean automobile and a drawer on the bottom to hold vaporizer accessories. “Leonardo DaVinci was known for puzzles, art and science,” DaVinci Marketing Manager Tanner Jourdian said. “The (IQ2) packaging is an art piece in and of itself.” What measures does DaVinci take to make packaging sustainable? DaVinci reviews all materials to ensure that Shenzhen Senlarry Packaging, the factory in China where the boxes are made, doesn’t use any harmful substances. The box is designed to be kept rather than discarded so it doesn’t enter the waste stream. What problems came up when creating this design? The original packaging design did not secure the vaporizer in the box. “It was just floating there,” Charron said. “If it was going to be shipped and thrown around, most likely it would have shown up broken.” Some early versions solved the floating-vaporizer problem but made it too difficult for consumers to remove the product from the box. “We considered scrapping the whole design because we couldn’t figure out a good way to make it ship from China without damaging the unit,” Charron said. “We came up with foam inserts (with two small magnets) in the top and bottom, and it keeps it really snug. It was more secure to ship over, and we went ahead with the design. (The magnets) are very small, they’re not expensive, and (the device) snaps in there.” DAVINCI Founded: 2012 Market: Nationwide Products: Vaporizers and accessories Price: $119-$295 Packaging Designers: Lead designer Jason Charron (box); Marketing Manager Tanner Jourdian (graphic design) AWork of Art Makers of DaVinci vaporizers want packaging to be something consumers keep Packaging for the DaVinci IQ2 includes gull-wing doors and an accessories drawer. Courtesy Photos