Dueling Denver MJ ballot measures possible for November

Two competing marijuana-related initiatives may be on the November ballot in Denver, one to legalize private cannabis clubs and another to permit practically any business to set up a public MJ “consumption area.”

The initiatives would have different impacts on the cannabis industry. The first would cede the business opportunities to potential club owners, while the second would be aimed at making cannabis use more widespread and socially acceptable.

The Denver NORML chapter supports the club initiative. The Marijuana Policy Project and the cannabis powerhouse law firm Vicente Sederberg support the second measure, the Denver Post reported.

Neither campaign shows any sign of giving way for the other.

Both need roughly 4,800 signatures to make the November ballot.  The NORML campaign says it’s nearly halfway there – its petitions have been circulating for two months – while the second campaign has yet to win approval to start gathering signatures.

It’s not clear what would happen should both make the ballot and pass.

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One comment on “Dueling Denver MJ ballot measures possible for November
  1. victoria smith on

    Not sure how they are “dueling.” Both will allow for semi-public cannabis use. Sounds like the MPP initiative allows for more opportunities, while the NORML one is more limited in scope. Either one is another step forward toward a saner cannabis policy.

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