Dueling MMJ Ad Campaigns Hit Florida Airwaves

Absentee ballots have just started to hit Florida mailboxes, and it’s no coincidence that a flood of campaign ads both for and against the state’s medical marijuana ballot measure began airing on Monday.

People United for Medical Marijuana, which is backing Amendment 2, and Drug Free Florida – which is opposing the initiative – both paid big bucks for competing TV ads that paint MMJ in a very different light.

People United’s ad focuses on the need of patients with debilitating conditions, and argues that MMJ is already working in nearly two dozen other states.

“Voting yes on 2 will allow doctors to recommend the medicine they feel will ease the pain and suffering of thousands of sick Floridians,” the ad’s narrator says.

, Dueling MMJ Ad Campaigns Hit Florida Airwaves

Drug Free’s ad, meanwhile, suggests that Amendment 2 is full of loopholes, and holds MMJ caregivers blameless even if their treatment hurts patients.

“They don’t call it the ‘Drug Dealer Protection Act,’ but they should,'” intones a deep voice in Drug Free’s ad.

With millions in campaign donations already raised by both sides, it’s almost guaranteed that the TV ad war will continue until Election Day in Florida.

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6 comments on “Dueling MMJ Ad Campaigns Hit Florida Airwaves
  1. sweeney on

    What caregivers? There is no caregiver policy. Those of us who can grow and process cannabis optimally for the patients will not be allowed to provide even if 2 passes.

  2. Jeff Brown on

    Marijuana aka. cannabis hemp is called one of the safest therapuetic substances known to man by the DEA’s own administrative law judge Francis Young. Marijuana has killed no one. Pharmaceuticals kill thousands yearly with horrendous side effects as well. Marijuana is defined as a tall Asiatic herb and has thousands of years of history and use.

  3. Kevin Spence on

    However Jeff, they’re trying to tie Cannabis to ALL those pharmaceuticals that kill people. They’re trying to muddy the waters enough, that people will equate Medical Marijuana with the “Cocaine influx of the 80’s”. If they can successfully do that, they WIN! It’s OUR job to combat that! We need to tell our friends and family in Florida EXACTLY what they’re doing in these ads. Especially if the people you know are elderly in Florida. My mom is 80 and had to watch her eldest child DIE THE MOST AGONIZING death one could have as she died of Pancreatic Cancer in 2011. I reminded my mother of that and told her that NO family, should ever have to through that again, when there’s medication that can help them!

  4. jay on

    Lets face it, theres coffee__marajuna________________alchol.
    and __________________________________________________________

  5. mike on

    the add claims the fda has not approved medical marajuana. the substance is classified by the fda as illegal and it is against the law for it to be approved. Scientific studies to prove the efficay of marajuana have been almost impossible in the past to get government grants because it is classified as an illegal substance.

  6. albert einstein on

    obama needs to grow some and legalize all 50 states for MEDICAL MARIJUANA, for serious conditions as PTSD,ANXIETY CHRONIC DEPRESSION,BIPOLAR DISORDER,SCIZOPHRENIA,ect….

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