Edibles Companies Marketing Low-Potency Products to Newbies

Several edibles companies in Colorado and Washington State are producing weaker marijuana-infused products for customers who aren’t regular cannabis consumers, catering to an increasingly large segment of the market.

The Growing Kitchen in Colorado, for instance, has debuted the Rookie Cookie, which contains just 10 milligrams of THC. The company is also slowly ceasing production of some of its strongest edibles.

“For a long time, the medical market was a race to the strongest edibles,” said Holden Sproul, one of the Rookie Cookie producers at the Growing Kitchen. “Now it’s a new market, and people want something that won’t get them so inebriated they’re not functional.”

, Edibles Companies Marketing Low-Potency Products to Newbies

The Seattle company Db3 Inc. is developing products that allow consumers to choose their own potency levels, such as THC-infused liquid drops that can be added to drinks.

The new production lines show how edibles manufacturers are diversifying and targeting various segements of the market, including customers who don’t want to get stoned out of their minds. The moves also are a response to a wave of negative publicity over edibles in Colorado earlier this year.

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3 comments on “Edibles Companies Marketing Low-Potency Products to Newbies
  1. David R. on

    Sure, edibles manufacturers can easily turn out a broad range of potencies and it’s wise, even for companies specializing in “strong,” to offer low-dose options. I’d recommend to Mr. Sproul–and to all of us–that we avoid terms like inebriation or intoxication. By definition, a non-toxic plant doesn’t cause the same condition as, say, alcohol or tranquilizers or opiates. This is especially important in terms of laws regarding driving. Our opponents are quick to try to muddy the waters on this topic, so we have to be especially careful how we frame the discussion or allow it to be framed.

  2. Windy City on

    …actually, companies can produce CBD medibles that contain the healthy cannabinoid with no psychoactive THC and still have health benefits in the product. The cannabinoid THC is also beneficial for many healthwise.

    There are so many more people now that understand the role cannabinoids play in helping keep the body and mind healthy.

    There are dozens of cannabinoids that exist that our endocannabinoid system can absorb. The consumer is learning more and more about these with each passing day…

  3. bongstar420 on

    This shouldn’t be happening.

    Heavy users shouldn’t be the definition. A dose should be a dose to an average person, not a dose for someone who has been high all day every day for years. AIESH.

    Its like standardizing a dosage of alcohol to 5 oz vs 1 oz like it is now.

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