Marijuana Business Daily’s Editorial Info

General Editorial Guidelines

Marijuana Business Daily, the most trusted business publication for the cannabis industry, is exclusively written and reported by in-house, professional journalists and invited industry columnists. We are independent and non-biased.  Neither our advertisers nor our marketing partners have any say in our content or editing process.

Our editorial “not” list:

  • We do not publish “advertorial” – i.e., ads disguised as editorial. And,we do not allow advertisers to influence our content (although we do appreciate them).
  • We do not carry press releases verbatim (if we deem your news of interest, we will write our own article and analysis about it.)
  • We do not influence the opinions of our columnists, although we do request that they focus on business issues and we may proofread and/or edit their columns for clarity.
  • We do not plagiarize from other news sources, or “pick up” stories with just a few wording changes. We respect copyright, and we believe our readers deserve to know professional journalists on our staff have created our content for them.

How we decide which stories to report on each day:

Our readers are busy running their businesses, so each day we wade through dozens of possible ideas to select the stories that are most worth professionals’ limited attention.  We believe in quality – not quantity.

We also include our own exclusive business analysis in each story.

If you have a story you think we should run or a tip you think we should follow up on and it’s of specific interest to the business (not lifestyle or consumer) community, click here to contact our editorial team.

How to become a columnist:

Columnists are chosen on the basis of their proven, professional expertise. Whether or not their organization advertises with us or buys our information products is irrelevant. We only consider columns that will be exclusive to us. They may not be reprinted or republished elsewhere.

We are not able to compensate columnists beyond our thanks, a mention of their company, a link to their site and the gratitude of the tens of thousands of cannabis businesspeople who rely on this site for advice and inspiration to run their own businesses.

Copyright in your column is wholly owned by Marijuana Business Daily, a division of Marijuana Business Media; however, your content will not be re-used in part or whole by us without proper attribution. We may edit your column for brevity and/or clarity, as well as to match our style. You may write just one column or a continuing series if we believe your topics to be of extreme interest to the business community. To submit an idea for a column, click here to contact our editorial team.

How we choose speakers for our events:

Every spring and fall, professionals from more than 40 US states and 10 countries converge at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, which is produced by our parent company Marijuana Business Media.  The next national show will be in Chicago in May 2015.

We choose speakers on the basis of their proven expertise, their communication ability, and whether their topic will appeal to our attendees.

(Note: We do not take your business relationship with us into consideration. Your exhibit does not include speaking privileges.  There is no ‘pay for play’.)

All speeches must be exclusive, high-quality content for our event, may not include sales pitches; and, may not be speeches you have given or intend to give elsewhere.

Speakers get a complimentary show registration, including breakfasts, lunches and cocktails, for their own use, as well as a 50% off ticket for one companion.

To be considered as a speaker for one of our upcoming events, click here and fill out the contact form.

How to get your company listed in our Industry Vendor Directory:

Nearly 500 of America’s top cannabis business consultants, lawyers, wholesale infused product and paraphernalia providers, and other services firms are listed in our Vendor Directory. You can surf the Directory by category and by state here.

We do not list dispensaries or direct-to-consumer service or product providers (unless a significant portion of the business is devoted to B2B). We do not list organizations that are not actively in business, or doing business in states where their operations are not currently legal. We also do not list individuals who sell or grow marijuana on their own.

Click here to get your own business added for free.

Got questions about starting a cannabis business?  How we help:

Many readers contact us asking for advice on starting or growing a marijuana-related business. Sorry, we are not consultants, we cannot review your business plan, nor do we invest in other businesses. However, we do offer three types of resources for you:

1. Our state-by-state industry vendor directory:  Click here to find lawyers, consultants, suppliers and other industry contacts in your state. Plus, listings are free, so click here to get your own company listed.

2. Marijuana Business Magazine: the most established print, trade magazine for the cannabis industry.  Currently subscriptions are free to qualified professionals.  Just click here for more info.

3. Practical business books for marijuana entrepreneurs: We publish a line of exclusive business ebooks and reports that you can download instantly:

4. Marijuana Business Conference & Expo: Meet the top business people, investors and vendors in cannabis at the most established national business tradeshow.  (No consumers are invited – this is a private industry event for business people only.)  Click here for more information and to register.

Sorry, we do not serve patients or consumers:

We are professional business journalists serving the information needs of executives, entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry. We do not cover lifestyle, growing, health-related, legal, or political evangelism topics for patients, caregivers or consumers.

If you would like to know more about cannabis topics of interest to consumers or patients, there are TONS of web sites, magazines, blogs, Facebook groups and organizations to help you. As the only daily for industry concerns, we must keep our entire focus on our core readers’ needs. We’re sure you understand – and good luck.

Information about sponsorships and advertising:

Although our sponsors do not influence our editorial, we would not be able to continue publishing or putting on our events without them. Their support also indicates a level of professionalism and an investment in their own stability and expansion. So, pay attention to our sponsors – they include many of the top movers and shakers in the industry, the organizations who are in it for the long haul.

To become a sponsor, you must have a legitimate business-related offer of specific interest to cannabis industry professionals. Our rates are reasonable, and our in-house marketing staff can provide copywriting support, booth selection advice and other support requested.

Click here to request a media kit and sponsorship information or contact Sales at [email protected] or call (401) 354-7555 x2.

Comments Policies: how we use comments you post to our site

When you post a comment to our site using our on-site forms, you are granting Marijuana Business Media the right to publish and use your comment in any format or platform we wish.  We do not edit comment text aside from removing any promotional links to a third party web site.  We use spam filter technology to stop overt spam, and reserve the right to not publish comments that contain the following:

  • Shameless self-promotion for a vendor, service or other supplier to the industry.
  • Comments containing offensive content such as swear words or personal attacks on individuals or staff members.
  • Comments that do not apply to our specific readership of business-focused cannabis professionals, whether they be off-topic, spam, or solely relevant for consumers or patients.

When you post a comment, we respect your email privacy and do not add you to our email list for our news services or other broadcasts unless you sign up using a separate form.

RSS Feed & Copyright info — if you’d like to use our content

As original content creators, we do not allow plagiarism or copying of our content without our express written permission. We will and do fight to protect our copyright. Creating good content is very hard work. Please don’t steal ours.

  • You may pick up and post headlines that link to our site via our RSS Feed at
  • You may retweet our Twitter feed at @MJBizDaily with proper attribution
  • You may forward our email newsletters in their entirety to colleagues and friends
  • You may link to any public page of our site from your site, blog, or social media
  • You may request copies of our printed event brochures for distribution to your connections
  • You may use one or two sentences verbatim from one of our stories as long as you provide a link to the original in yours

However, if you would like to copy or re-run any of our content – including articles, columns, speeches, photographs, charts, data, vendor directory listings, etc. – in any way and in any media format whatsoever, whether or not you or your own organization are featured in them, you must have prior written permission from the publisher George Jage. He may be contacted at [email protected]

Press & Interviews:

Our editor Chris Walsh has been profiled by Dow Jones news service as a top journalist following the cannabis industry. He has appeared in multiple televised interviews and been quoted in many national publications as an expert on the cannabis business.

If you are seeking an expert quote from or interview with Chris, click to contact him here.