Cannabusiness Publicity Costs Entrepreneur Her Job

Cannabis entrepreneurs who still hold jobs outside of the industry should proceed with caution. Many businesses do not want their employees moonlighting in the marijuana industry, and a Denver-based events planner has learned this the hard way.

Amy Dannemiller, who hosts monthly dinner parties in Denver where guests are invited to bring their own marijuana, was interviewed for the CNBC documentary “Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush.” A segment of the broadcast was also shown on NBC Nightly News, and in the segment, Dannemiller is seen hosting a marijuana dinner party and smoking a vaporizer.

, Cannabusiness Publicity Costs Entrepreneur Her JobDannemiller then told interviewer Harry Smith that it is “important to say ‘I use marijuana, and that’s OK.'”

According to The Denver Post, Dannemiller was asked to resign by her employer after the segment ran on TV. The Post declined to name the employer, but described the company as an “East Coast-based national corporation.” Dannemiller, 37, was senior event manager of the company’s western division, and had a staff of 80.

“I violated the drug policy on national television, and that’s completely reasonable,” Dannemiller said.

Dannemiller had been profiled by the Post in an earlier story, however she used the pseudonym “Amy West” in the story. Dannemiller said she used the pseudonym for her cannabis business, and her legal name for her events planning business.

Dannemiller’s local dinner group, called Edible Events, organizes events with high-end edibles and hors d’oeuvres.

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3 comments on “Cannabusiness Publicity Costs Entrepreneur Her Job
  1. Windy City on

    …in the interest of journalistic integrity, or lack thereof, the decision to refuse to name the company asking her resignation was not only irresponsible, it gave credence to a policy that is reprehensible as she did absolutely nothing to warrant such reckless management behavior.

    I, for one,would definitely not support a company like this that treats their employees in such a disrespectful fashion. One can only wonder if this company advertises in the Denver Post, thus perhaps explaining the lack of journalistic integrity in not naming this company…

  2. Louis Santiago on

    Hi Amy, pretty valiant of you to simply accept the company policy; however in support of the probable thousands of productive dependable workers in your situation, who have to hide in the shadows. I would personally challenge the termination; your work ethic apparently spoke accolades until you went public. I’m a former trucker who eventually came up with the concept of Marijuanot 10 years ago to satiate my desires to medicate; many truckers I know simply stopped medicating because the random testing has become so intrusive, you just never know when they will pick “them”. Then there is even the possibility there is a mobile lab waiting right outside the dispatch office door…too easy to end one’s career on the spot…eventually I’ll try to make my case politically for these Knights of the highway too.

    Kind regards,

    Executive Director
    CannaSense Total Wellness

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