Ex-CEO of Tweed an Overnight Multimillionaire

Many parallels have been drawn to date between the development of the cannabis industry and the dot-com era of the 1990s, when the technology sector experienced unparalleled growth.

This week brings news of another reason to think that the comparison may be valid.

The former CEO of Tweed, a publicly traded Canadian marijuana cultivation firm, has reportedly become an overnight multimillionaire due to his investments in the company.

At least on paper.

, Ex-CEO of Tweed an Overnight Multimillionaire

Chuck Rifici – who recently stepped down as CEO but remains on the board – owns Tweed shares that are currently valued north of 20 million Canadian dollars ($18 million). He obtained some of his shares directly, purchasing Tweed stock when it was valued at under CA$1.

The company’s shares currently trade around CA$2.50.

Rifici said in late August that he would resign as CEO and assist Tweed in finding a replacement leader who was better suited to help the company reach its future goals.

Tweed has reported huge demand and even stopped accepting new customers for a time.

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  1. Phillip Bass on

    Dear MBD:
    Still waiting for information about starting a MMJ business in Maryland, now that the bill has been passed here.
    Being a MBE, here means that 20% of any MMJ business has to have minority or woman participation. Without information about the cost of doing business (start up, losses, profits), a correct business plan cannot be
    For the second time please put me in contact with somebody in the business!!
    Thank you in advance for your anticipated timely response to this email.

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