Ex-NFL Players Team With California MMJ Company

A whopping 30 former pro football players have signed up with a California-based medical marijuana company to run tests on how cannabis may help with chronic pain and depression.

The company, Constance Therapeutics, is an extraction firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Daily Beast reported.

The company entered into an agreement with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, which was founded by ex-NFL player Kyle Turley, who spent nine years in the league with three teams.

Turley, who has long used cannabis to treat his own symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, wants to spread the word to other retired pro athletes that MMJ can be a big help.

Constance Therapeutics’ goal is to demonstrate scientifically that there are medical benefits of cannabis, and it’s hard to think of a better way to bring attention to the issue than by treating a host of professional players of the most popular sport in the United States.

The tests will involve extracts and oils for the 30 players, all produced by Constance Therapeutics.

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One comment on “Ex-NFL Players Team With California MMJ Company
  1. Grant on

    I have full confidence and trust in Constance Therapeutics as they came to me highly recommended by a trusted source. At the same time I remain a skeptic and have to ask, “who is paying for this experiment? Will it finally become a tax write-off and taxpayers pick it up? Not to suggest any wrong here in fact they will benefit from this most important research.
    So, KUDOS to Constance Therapeutics. Grant Reason

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