Facebook Blocks MMJ Educational Video

Medical cannabis apparently isn’t socially acceptable in Connecticut. At least, not by Facebook.

A marketing firm in the state which attempted to upload an educational video about MMJ to Facebook recently was blocked, and his account was then prohibited from posting further videos, according to a Connecticut TV station.

The video wasn’t even a sales pitch for the firm’s client, Kyle Reyes of Silent Partner Marketing told Fox CT, but an educational piece that focused on the medical benefits of marijuana.

“It’s actually videos that the state had already approved and said, ‘You guys can go ahead and market these on social media,’” Reyes told the TV station.

Facebook and Google both have rules against promoting MMJ, the station reported, but Reyes plans to fight such decisions. Meanwhile, he told Fox CT, he’ll be pushing the video on competing social media sites.

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4 comments on “Facebook Blocks MMJ Educational Video
  1. Robin on

    But it was ok with Faxebook that a Fraternity at Penn State was able to post pics of women who were out of it being fondled by the Fraternity bros

  2. Hastings RH on

    Facebook sucks anyway.. It’s just another wallstreet bankster scam to funnel free money from the fed to cronies. 600 billion for a website -get real..

  3. Jea on

    This may be helpful for anyone wanting to promote their brand or message on various ad networks.

    There are a few key elements in your message, image and overall tone of your promotion that could allow you to promote and advertise on Facebook. This is typically achieved by creating what’s known as a content presell, or native advertising.

    Facebook strictly prohibits:

    * Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs
    * Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
    * Unsafe supplements, as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion

    For example, a short feel good video or image post, leading to your landing page with a story could work as long as you’re not directly promoting MMJ.

    Your MMJ promotion needs to be behind your landing (presell) page.

    Stay creative.

  4. Rick Fague on

    That’s kind of odd, considering how many Facebook users use pot recreationally or for medical reasons. I’d bet that if they allowed FB users to vote on whether or not to allow MMJ videos, most would vote yes.

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