The Annual Marijuana Business Factbook 8th Edition

The Professional’s Guide to the Marijuana Industry

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The unrivaled growth in the cannabis industry means that those looking to stay on top of the trends and opportunities need to have the most recent data at their fingertips. The 8th Edition of the Annual Marijuana Business Factbook is the premier business resource, delivering the most comprehensive industry coverage on the fastest moving tends and regulations.

This year’s full book features dozens of charts and analysis addressing the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry while still including all the information you have come to rely on, such as profitability and revenue metrics for businesses in each major sector of the industry, retail sales projections nationally and by state as well as economic impact estimates.

The 8th Edition Factbook can be purchased in full or by individual section to accommodate your business needs and give you hyper-focused information to make faster, better business decisions.

A 6 month update to the full Factbook will be provided so you can stay up to date on the changing markets with updated information and data on patient counts, sales estimates, as well as analysis and coverage of the major industry developments.

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For business professionals and investors looking to get a broad view of the market trends and figures in the United States to make business expansion and investing decisions. This section also provides details on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the industry as a whole and how it’s likely to move forward.

This section provides an overview of the national cannabis landscape and the outlook for the industry in the U.S., including sales forecasts and regulatory changes that may be on the horizon.

This section is written with a focus on wholesale cannabis cultivators growing for medical and recreational markets, including vertically integrated and stand-alone operators looking to enhance their existing businesses or those looking to start their cultivation operation.

This section includes what cannabis cultivators need to know about the industry: where it is today and where it is heading. Highlights include key challenges facing cultivators, where the strongest opportunities for profitable operations exist and product demand.

Written for product manufacturers who produce concentrates, including dabbable concentrates and vape cartridges, and those that make infused products such as edibles, beverages and topicals Who are looking to enhance their existing operations or to start processing raw marijuana.

This section is specifically focused on what infused product manufacturers need to know about the industry. Highlights include demand trends, key challenges and the changing competitive landscape in key markets.

This section provides guidance for medical marijuana dispensary and adult-use cannabis store operators, collectively viewed as the face of the industry.

Retailers have been affected significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic, which introduced new challenges in an already challenging space. This section will provide details on what has happened and actionable information on how they can adjust for continued business success. This section can also be used for others operating in the supply chain to understand consumer demand trends, market size and future opportunity and challenges for the entire industry.

Written for those who are considering deploying capital in the cannabis industry or modify their existing portfolio.

This section includes what investors need to know about the industry and what cannabis businesses need to know to attract key investors. Highlights include where investors are looking to place capital, performance benchmarks and shifts in investment expectations.

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The Full Factbook Contains the Following Sections:

  • State by State Guide
  • National Industry Facts, Figures & Trends
  • Wholesale Cultivators: Financial and Operational Data
  • Product Manufacturers: Financial and Operational Data
  • Cannabis Retailers: Financial and Operational Data
  • Cannabis Business Funding & Investing

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