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MJBiz Factbook: 2021 Edition

From the editors at MJBizDaily, the Factbook is packed with practical and objective research.

Use your copy to create business plans, forecast financials, evaluate potential investments and scope out state and national opportunities in everything from to growing to manufacturing to consumer demand. MJBiz Factbook 2021 includes 41 financial charts, legalization and investment updates, market data for cultivators, product manufacturers and retailers. Plus, opportunity details by state.

You’ll get 41 data charts including:

  • U.S. Cannabis Retail Sales Estimates: 2020-25
  • Annual Revenue & Operating Costs per Square Foot for Indoor Cultivators in Adult-Use Markets
  • Fastest-Growing Adult-Use Edibles & Topicals Subcategories by Market
  • Cannabis Retailers: 2020 Revenue by Business Type & Market Served
  • Global Investment Activity in the Cannabis Industry by Company Type & Year

“The MJBiz Factbook has been an important resource for our company. We use it for everything from measuring market opportunity to familiarizing our new hires with the American cannabis industry.”
– Matthew D. Johnson, vice president of marketing, Quadscore

“The MJBiz Factbook is an invaluable and reliable tool. We discuss it often in our decision-making processes and reference it directly in our investor marketing and educating materials.”   
– Jeff Walraven, director and chief operating officer, Freehold Properties

“The annual MJBiz Factbook is chock-full of data pertinent to our strategic planning and business analysis.”
– Jeff Simpson, VP of operations, Desert Flower Farms

“After looking through the incredibly detailed MJBiz Factbook I was, to say the least, blown away. This information is key for anyone who is in the industry. The references have helped in more ways than I can describe. Thank you for creating this; I’ll definitely get the next one.”
– Anonymous (certified purchaser)

Table of Contents: MJBiz Factbook 2021

Intro Letter & Where Cannabis is Legal in the U.S.
Chapter 1: U.S. National Cannabis Industry Facts, Figures & Trends
Chart 1.01: U.S. Cannabis Retail Sales Estimates: 2020-25
Chart 1.02: U.S. Cannabis Industry Total Economic Impact: 2020-25
Chart 1.03: Annual U.S. Cannabis Sales Vs. Other Industries & Goods
Chart 1.04: Estimated Number of Cannabis Businesses in the United States: 2021
Chart 1.05: U.S. Cannabis Industry Employment Estimates: 2020-25
Chart 1.06: U.S. Cannabis Industry Employment vs. Other Industries
Chart 1.07: Nationwide MMJ Patient Counts: 2015-20
Chart 1.08: 2020 Adult-Use Cannabis Sales by Month & Market: Percent Change vs. Same Week in 2019
Chart 1.09: Overview of Public Cannabis Market Performance
Chapter 2: State-By-State: Legal Overview, Market Data and Outlook for 36 Legal States Plus D.C.
Chart 2.01: New Market Outlook
Table 2.02: State-by-State Cannabis Sales Estimates for 2021
Table 2.03: Number of Registered Patients and Operating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by State
Table 2.04: Number of Operating Retail Stores by State in 2021
Chapter 3: Wholesale Cultivators: Financial and Operational Data
Chart 3.01: Commercial Cannabis Markets That Allow Wholesale Cultivation Businesses
Chart 3.02: Number of Cultivation Licenses & Sales-to-License Ratio in Sampling of Adult-Use & Medical Cannabis Markets
Chart 3.03: Weekly U.S. Wholesale Cannabis Spot Index: Feb. 2020-Feb. 2021
Chart 3.04: Profitability of Wholesale Cultivators: Year-Over-Year Comparison & Net Profit Margins in 2020
Chart 3.05: Annual Revenue & Operating Costs per Square Foot for Indoor Cultivators in Adult-Use Markets
Chart 3.06: Wholesale Cultivators: Typical Number of Employees & Annual Revenue Generated per Full-Time Employee
Chapter 4: Cannabis Product Manufacturers: Financial and Operational Data
Chart 4.01: 2020 Adult-Use Cannabis Sales & Sales Percent Change from 2019: Vape Pens, Concentrates & Edibles
Chart 4.02: 2020 Adult-Use Cannabis Sales & Sales Percent Change from 2019: Beverages, Capsules, Tinctures and Sublinguals & Topicals
Chart 4.03: Fastest-Growing Adult-Use Edibles & Topicals Subcategories by Market
Chart 4.04: Timeline of Significant Partnerships Between Cannabis Companies & Mainstream Brands to Create Infused Cannabis Products
Chart 4.05: Year-Over-Year Comparison of Cannabis Product Manufacturers’ Business Expectations for the Next 12 Months
Chart 4.06: Cannabis Product Manufacturer Overview: Revenue, Expenses & Startup Costs
Chart 4.07: Portion of Profitable Cannabis Product Manufacturers & Net Profit Margins in 2020
Chapter 5: Cannabis Retailers: Financial and Operational Data
Chart 5.01: Retail Cannabis Sales by Market & Year
Chart 5.02: Number of Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Stores per 100,000 Residents
Chart 5.03: Retail Business Structure Overview by Market
Chart 5.04: Colorado & Washington State’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market: Average Items per Basket
Chart 5.05: Adult-Use Retail Cannabis Profit Margins: Breakdown by Category, Market & Year
Chart 5.06: 2020 Adult-Use Cannabis Sales by Week & Market: Percent Change vs. Same Week in 2019
Chart 5.07: Cannabis Retailers: 2020 Revenue by Business Type & Market Served
Chart 5.08: Profitability of Retailers in 2020
Chart 5.09: Number of Retail Store Locations & Square Feet of Retail Space per Store for Dispensaries & Rec Shops
Chart 5.10: Retailers: Typical Number of Full- & Part-Time Employees by Business Type & Market Served
Chapter 6: Cannabis Business Funding & Investing
Chart 6.01: Global Investment Activity in the Cannabis Industry by Company Type & Year
Chart 6.02: Global Cannabis Industry Investments by Sector & Year
Chart 6.03: 2020 Weekly Global Cannabis Stock Index Performance vs S&P 500
Chart 6.04: Adult-Use & Medical Dispensary Licenses: Total Issued in U.S. Compared to Sampling of Publicly Traded U.S.-Based Cannabis Companies
Chart 6.05: Types of Cannabis Businesses Targeted for Investment
Chart 6.06: Investors’ Primary Considerations When Evaluating Cannabis Business Investments
Chart 6.07: Top Mistakes Private Cannabis Businesses Make When Seeking Funding, According to Investors

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Build a solid business plan with the no-hype analysis of MJBizDaily. Bolster your pitch to investors with data and charts – everything from projected growth in retail sales to top-selling products to wholesale pricing. See trends in capital investments – and what to avoid. Plan for expansion with our state-by-state analysis. Or see what it costs to start up a grow, a retail shop or product business.

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Cannabis is rife with hype and mile-high expectations. MJBizDaily’s journalistic, no-bull data can save you from throwing money after pipe dreams. Get hard data on growth projections, profitability in cultivation, product manufacturing, retail. Use our state-by-state analysis to identify the next hot market. See what kinds of cannabis businesses others are backing – and where there might be unseen opportunity.


Considering applying for a license to grow in your state – or expanding to another? Our state-by-state guide plainly shows you license costs and compares the number of licenses to the number of retail outlets so you can see if there is room to expand. Plus, projections on what buyers will pay for your flower and benchmarks on operating costs per square foot and staff ratios.

Product Manufacturers

Get a jump on what consumers will want with adult-use sales trends for vape pens, flower, edibles, concentrates, beverages, capsules, tinctures and sublinguals. Easily see the impact COVID-19 had on market demand; more easily assess what you’ll need to produce going forward. Compare your business expectations for the next year to benchmarks.


See retail cannabis sales by market and year as well as projections of US sales for the next four years. Get at-a-glance data on what consumers are buying. Compare your business expectations and profitability to benchmarks.

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