FDA Considers Rescheduling Marijuana Off Schedule 1 List

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has taken up a request by the Drug Enforcement Agency to study whether marijuana should remain classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

The study could lead to marijuana being removed from the Schedule 1 category of the Controlled Substances Act.

A reclassification would have a sweeping impact on the U.S. cannabis industry. It could eliminate the industry’s problems with banks and allow more states to legalize the plant.

It could also open the door for major corporations to enter the industry.

, FDA Considers Rescheduling Marijuana Off Schedule 1 ListAccording to Douglas Throckmorton, Deputy Director for Regulatory Programs at the FDA, the agency will make a recommendation after conducting an “eight-factor analysis” that examines marijuana’s abuse potential, its pharmacological effect and risk to public health, among other factors. Throckmorton did not give a timeline for the study’s conclusion.

The FDA reviewed marijuana’s status for the DEA in 2001 and 2006 and recommended that it remain a Schedule 1 drug. But public and political sentiment toward the plant has changed greatly since 2006, and the shift could impact the FDA’s assessment.

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16 comments on “FDA Considers Rescheduling Marijuana Off Schedule 1 List
  1. Ken on

    If they do reschedule cannabis you can expect it to be treated like an opioid drug. It will be packaged the same way in antidiversion locking CRRXWear. Rule number one of the DOJ Cole memo. Keep the diversion of cannabis from minors under 21 years of age.

  2. Jimmy Limo on

    Anything less than a rescheduling to Schedule III is unacceptable. Schedule II drugs include methamphetamine, opium, morphine, oxycodone, etc etc… Cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol, and is NON-TOXIC ! All the schedule II drugs are addicting and can KILL you with an overdose ! RESCHEDULE NOW !

  3. Tim on

    If they reschedule marijuana, They must schedule it the same as tobacco. Its too universal of a medicinal plant to be considered otherwise. Children, adults, the old, the sick can all use it. Recreational use alone is more likely to treat/slow undiagnosed conditions. It Will also help pacify killer bees when they make honey from the cannabis plant.

  4. Nash on

    Newsflash: The FDA already has a PATENT on the healing affects of cannabinoids! So why then is there need for further study??


  5. Thomas on

    How come on…the FDA isn’t smart enough to make that decision. Find a Big Pharmaceutical company that wants in the cannabis business they already have the FDA on the payroll.

  6. David on

    “The FDA reviewed marijuana’s status for the DEA in 2001 and 2006 and recommended that it remain a Schedule 1 drug. But public and political sentiment toward the plant has changed greatly since 2006, and the shift could impact the FDA’s assessment”.

    This just shows that the FDA’s “assessment” is purely political and has nothing to do with science. Thankfully things are finally ‘a changin’!

  7. Johnny Korell on

    O.K. Get this. It’s the FDA classifying it? Do you see the commercials on TV about drugs they do approve. Do they not see all the side effects those drugs have they approve and the lack of side effects of marijuana? One I saw they talked about all the side effect for almost 2 minutes, And one of the side effects can be death on some of those drugs they are approving. Every time I see those commercial I get pissed. It’s obviously political.

  8. Jeff Brown on

    A schedule I DRUG is defined as having no medical use. By definition alone the DEA , the FDA, and the courts have to reschedule or deschedule. Over 20 states recognize the medical use of marijuana and the number is climbing

    • shaggy on

      all states recognize marijuana’s potential and current benefits, just a few politicians in some of them won’t admit it

  9. Johnny Korell on

    But,it does have medical uses. They just don’t want to except it does.I still don’t see how they can ok these other drugs that have so many major side effects.Some lethal. And also over a third of the country agree. The proof is is in the proverbial pudding so to speak.

  10. linda warren on

    WOW!! I am an RN I see the effects of narcotic pain meds everyday…Nurses becoming addicted and loss of life and careers…As with any political issue it is the efforts of common people to change the conversation and move forward…PS How are all of the new FDA approved RX doing Pradaxa..= bleed to death?????

  11. Thomas Sebert on

    it’s so ironically ignorant the hypocrisy of democracy the federal government so chooses to ignore by leaving cannabis as a schedule one. This of course meaning dear Uncle Sam “believes” marijuana has no medical purpose. But what’s funny is that in the 70’s and early 80’s the federal government allowed 30 patients access to 300 pre rolled joints shipped to them every month for there illness, through the University of Mississippi where they still to this day grow there cannabis. So when Bush took over he 86’d the program to prevent the many people affected by the AIDS “epidemic” at the time from turning the small, controlled program into a national headline. Those 30 patients however were grandfathered in and still would receive there tin of 300 federal joints each month as well as still allowing to smoke at any time, and ANY STATE in the USA. In short the government has already admitted and clearly stated that Cannabis most definitely does have medical purpose and can truly help people with horrible illnesses and in some cases it is the only thing that can help, as profound MD Sanjay Gupta has even acknowledged. It’s sickening how Uncle Sam will allow so many horrible pills and types of “medicine” that come with nightmarish side effects and more often than not lead to the very dark black hole of addiction. To this day there are still 4 patients Alive and well, still receiving there federal ganja and stand as a symbol of the neglection, stupidity, and lack of civic duty the federal government has just seemingly turned a blind eye to instead of truly promoting what America is supposed to stand for. It’s time for Congress to wake up and smell the reefer, which is what is going to happen now that marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., the federal governments own backyard, brilliantly ironic. Congress are puppets and pawns for major billion dollar drug companies that undoubtedly pay handsomely to prevent the removal from schedule 1. They know they would possibly and most likely close to or at least half of there many billions from people having access to a natural plant that is practically almost in every way superior to their pills.
    However instead of building false hopes for Congress will act appropriately, The President himself actually has the power to make many dreams come true and relinquish Cannabis from the unjust schedule one stranglehold of marijuana. I think most people would agree to most of Obama’s presidency thus far has had far more negative press than positive. He has even openly stated that not only has he smoked ( and yes inhaled hah) but that he thinks alcohol is more dangerous than this natural plant. Obama is on his way out and his time is quickly winding down, surely he would like to leave a positive lasting legacy of his time in office. 2015 should be the year and Obama should end this prohibition once and for all. Either way it will happen at some point. Just like with alcohol, some states ended prohibition sooner than others, but in the end….every state ended it. HOPE

  12. Thomas on

    There is no justice for the thousands of people hurt by prohibition. Congress has failed the country and it’s people; the loss of respect,trust,or to legitimize any thing thay say. All this remindes me of the sad days of Vietnam. So much loss and waste.

  13. Kim Carter on

    They should remove it. There are so many proven studies that show the medicinal benefit of it. Also, to classify a substance as a Schedule 1 drug, that stays in your system way beyond the time of use is crazy. The FDA has “legitimate” drugs out there that have debilitating/to include death side effects. Marijuana does not have those side affects. The only reason it is still on the list, is because they haven’t figured out a way for them to prophet from it.

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