Firm Launches $25M Cannabis Fund

Canna Group, which provides consulting services to the marijuana industry, has launched a $25 million private equity fund that will invest in ancillary businesses that aren’t subject to state regulations.

The fund, called Sugar Leaf, will focus on businesses that specialize in financing, payments and banking, grow systems, agriculture and operations, software, digital and internet, chemistry, science and genetics and business services, according to a press release.

Sugar Leaf will have offices in California and in Chicago.

Canna Group itself also announced that it has closed a round of equity financing. The firm did not disclose the amount of financing but said the money would be used for “expansion, opportunistic investments and working capital.”

An executive with the company said in an email that the amount raised was enough so that it “may never have to raise equity funds for Canna Group again.”

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2 comments on “Firm Launches $25M Cannabis Fund
  1. Jimmy Limo on

    Yes, Canna Group… by all means, invest in WEED… Weed, California ! Beautiful Weed, California. “High on the Slopes of Mt Shasta”. Skiing, fishing, golf, hiking, mountain climbing, the cleanest air and purest water. Legalization is coming soon. Set up your canna-businesses NOW ! Prices will never be lower ! Having a “Weed, CA” address for your canna-business will be golden in the upcoming hemp economy ! I-5 runs right through town, great for shipping. A big labor force is available for manufacturing and retail. Weed is also home to the College of the Siskiyous. There is no better time to invest in WEED ! Weed, California, that is. Get in on the ground floor !

  2. Brett Roper on

    As the industry evolves all investors (accredited and otherwise) need to be very wary and conduct substantial due diligence on such offerings; in particular the fee structures and management composition (as well as control elements) should be reviewed thoroughly prior to commitment of any capital noting such investment vehicles also should be properly formed within the boundaries typically found for such entities. SEC filings, state filings, etc. Swing for the fences but make sure your investment is wisely placed.

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