First Alaskan Rec Permit Issued?

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The city of Juneau, Alaska’s state capital, has handed out what may be the first recreational marijuana business permit in the state.

The Juneau Planning Commission gave the green light this week to a conditional use permit to Fireweed Factory, a grow operation that will be set up in a small building about the size of a two-car garage, according to the Associated Press.

The state won’t begin issuing rec licenses for another few months, and there’s no express requirement that businesses obtain local permission, but state rules do say that no business will be granted a business permit if a local government objects over zoning or other issues. Which means Juneau’s backing is a big step towards establishing a new rec industry.

The AP did note that the city assembly may make further changes to a local rec ordinance, but that the commission made it clear Fireweed would have to comply with any regulations the city approves.