FL poll shows support rising for MMJ measure

A new poll in Florida shows growing support for a medical marijuana ballot measure that the state’s voters will consider on Nov. 8.

According to a September survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute in Saint Leo, Florida, 68.8% of likely voters supported Amendment 2, as the medical cannabis measure is known, up from 65.1% in June.

“It appears as though medical marijuana supporters will get the victory they were denied by voters in 2014,” Frank Orlando, director of the polling institute and a political science instructor at the university, said in a news release.

“The higher the turnout among young voters, the better the chance that this amendment passes,” Orlando said.

Orlando was referring to a similar medical marijuana measure that failed in 2014. It received about 57% of the vote, short of the 60% support needed to pass a ballot measure in Florida.

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