FL regulator gives patients, doctors OK to buy medical cannabis

A top Florida cannabis regulator said people who qualify for medical marijuana can begin buying the drug within 90 days, months before the state even implements rules governing the new MMJ program.

The timing of the start of MMJ sales – and whether they could occur before the rollout of the medical cannabis regulations – has been a source of confusion among doctors, patients and businesses, CBS Miami reported.

Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment in November to establish a full-fledged medical cannabis program allowing patients to be treated for a variety of health conditions. It could take the Florida health department six months or more to approve new rules governing the program, CBS Miami noted.

But the director of Florida’s Office of Compassionate Use, Christian Bax, said this week it’s up to physicians to decide whether to order medical cannabis for patients who have conditions approved for treatment under Amendment 2, as the MMJ ballot initiative is known. Up to now, Florida law has allowed full-strength THC marijuana to be used only for terminally ill people.

Amendment 2 stipulates that doctors must have treated a patient for at least 90 days before they can order MMJ.

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4 comments on “FL regulator gives patients, doctors OK to buy medical cannabis
  1. Isaiah Abenchuchan on

    Amendment 2 does not state that doctors must have treated a patient for 90 days before recommending medical cannabis. That stipulation comes from the obsolete “Charlottes Web” law Florida lawmakers passed in 2014.

  2. Mark Brand on

    I sure hope someone isn’t given 90 days to live (terminally Ill) and has to wait those 90 days to qualify for some pain relief. Perhaps eliminating the 90 day provision and/or expanding the definition of terminally Ill to at least 2 years left to live would help. So I guess as it stands right now hospice could give you morphine from day 1 but a doctor isn’t allowed to offer MMJ for 90 days. Further more the requirement that Fl doctors take a class on MMJ before they can write a script needs to be eliminated. You can only go where your health insurance will let you and no one wants to go out of network searching for a doctor to write the script. That just creates more stress and financial obligation for the patient (and family left behind) the MMJ is suppose to help.

  3. Nancy on

    This is just political pandering, where are they getting it from? Mississippi!? Cannot cross State lines. Similar talk here in PA Initiative, when it came down to it the police just said they wouldn’t prosicute BUT the Federal government still could.

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