Florida Beach Town Approves Land for Dispensaries

A Florida town is already paving the way for medical marijuana dispensaries.

City commissioners in Cocoa Beach passed an ordinance Thursday night to approve two locations for medical marijuana dispensaries. The spots comply with the zoning ordinances approved by the city, which include a 1,000-foot buffer from a school or church and a 200-foot buffer from two busy streets.

While numerous entrepreneurs have already made plans for medical marijuana businesses, Cocoa Beach is one of the first cities to do so. Florida will vote on its medical marijuana bill – called Amendment 2 – in November. While early polling is positive, the measure must be approved by a 60% super majority to pass.

City leaders said they are simply being proactive ahead of November’s vote. Mayor Dave Netterstrom said he wants to have a plan in place, “so we don’t have a dozen of these show up all over town.”

, Florida Beach Town Approves Land for DispensariesThe locations approved for dispensaries has irked some residents in Cocoa Beach, as both spots are located adjacent to tourist areas. But city leaders said these are the only two areas that comply with zoning restrictions.

“It’s not perfect what we’ve got, but it’s something so we can control the process,” Netterstrom said.

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6 comments on “Florida Beach Town Approves Land for Dispensaries
  1. Ken on

    The local owners of these properties have said they have no interest in allowing dispensaries near the cocoa beach pier. They reference Venice beach as an example

  2. David on

    The big problem in Florida is nobody knows how to grow medical grade marijuana, just as in Arizona,they should award permits to organizations w the most experience

  3. Jean de oro on

    @david , I beg to differ , there lots of us were just considered Felons , if you have a need to taste the best you grow the best !

  4. ken on

    I would agree with Jean. There are plenty of talented growers in Florida, they just haven’t come into the light. I believe we will see their skills come next year.

  5. Doc Deadhead on

    Folks like myself are willing to move our growing operations to a state that doesn’t HATE pot like the attorney general and governor of Michigan.

    ALL Politicians need to understand it will be political suicide to say anything negative about pot. I think the mayor of Cocoa Beach understands this and is willing to cater to the super majority there.

    Vote out all haters or we move our millions of dollars in jobs and commerce OUT OF THEIR STATE to a state that will embrace the movement.


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