Florida CBD Regs May Come Out Monday

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Rules governing the cultivation and sale of cannabis-based CBD medications in Florida could be out as soon as Monday.

The Florida Department of Health was ordered by a judge on Nov. 14 to rewrite its rules on the program, which will allow registered patients with severe forms of epilepsy and other debilitating diseases to buy CBD oils, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

A law passed last spring created the health department’s Office of Compassionate Use, which was ordered to develop regulations for up to five companies that will grow and sell CBD medications to eligible patients. About 125,000 people in Florida that haven’t responded to other therapies could be helped by the oils, the Sentinel said.

The department, which was originally supposed to have regulations submitted by Sept. 30, had said it would consider all options to ensure patients would be able to get marijuana.

The program is scheduled to start on Jan. 1.

Development of a regulatory framework has been delayed as entrepreneurs argue over the state’s lottery system that will determine who can grow, process and dispense the cannabis. A judge last month struck down the lottery system, saying licensees should be chosen by an evaluation rather than by chance.