Florida May Expand CBD Law

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Although cannabis backers in Florida are already prepping for a 2016 campaign to legalize medical marijuana, a few key lawmakers are hinting that they may take action to expand the state’s CBD-focused program.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a law passed last year to set up a small MMJ program primarily for epileptics and patients with life-threatening illnesses may be broadened to include other ailments and possibly even marijuana with normal amounts of THC.

Under the current law, patients will have access to only low-THC, high-CBD cannabis, and only five companies will be selected by the state Department of Health to produce the medicine.

What lawmakers are waiting for is a rule-making hearing next month with the department that could either jumpstart the original CBD program, which has been held up with various administrative delays, or persuade legislators that they need to revisit the issue.

Several key lawmakers, including two Republicans, told the Sentinel they expect the program to be expanded at some point. They’re just not sure when that will be.

It’s conceivable, however, that they could pass a bill this year or next in an attempt to ward off another political campaign from Orland trial attorney John Morgan, who was behind the MMJ push last year.

Morgan has promised to help fund another campaign in 2016 if the Legislature doesn’t approve a broader medical marijuana program than the CBD law already in place.