Florida poll finds strong support for broader MMJ law

Good news in Florida: A new – albeit unscientific – poll indicates that locals are largely in favor of expanding the state’s extremely limited CBD law into a broader medical cannabis program.

The poll, conducted by the Orlando Business Journal, asked respondents if they would support or reject an amendment that broadens the current program, which only allows low-THC, high-CBD medicine.

Of the 473 responses, 91.5% said “I will vote for broadening medical marijuana use,” while 8.5% said, “I will vote against broadening medical marijuana use.”

Under Florida’s current law, only people with severe epilepsy or advanced cancer are allowed to use CBD-based medicines.

Entrepreneurs and advocates are trying to get a measure on the ballot next year that would usher in a broader medical marijuana program allowing high-THC strains and products. It would also greatly expand the medical conditions list.

Such a move would create a thriving market for businesses and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual MMJ sales.

United For Care, the group behind the ballot proposal, says on its website that it has collected almost 440,000 valid petition signatures through Christmas. It needs almost 244,000 more certifiable signatures to get the measure in front of voters next November.

A similar measure received 58% support in the 2014 elections, just short of the required 60% needed to pass.

Lawmakers are also pushing for their own MMJ bill in Florida.