Fodor’s Travel Helps Cannatourists Know How, Where to Buy

Fodor’s Travel wants tourists in Colorado to get the most out of their recreational marijuana experience.

The company – which publishes travel books for consumers – recently posted a page on its website about marijuana tourism, offering advice for individuals looking to partake in the state’s recreational cannabis industry.

A handful of newspapers have published “pot tourism” stories in recent months; however, the Fodor’s story represents an important endorsement from a mainstream travel media company.

Whether the Fodor’s piece directly impacts Colorado’s marijuana tourism companies or retail businesses is yet to be seen. But the listing elevates marijuana tourism to a similar plane as beer and skiing, which both attract a fair share of tourists.

, Fodor’s Travel Helps Cannatourists Know How, Where to BuyFodor’s advises tourists to seek out retail shops via the cannabis listing websites Weedmaps and Leafly, or through the local alt-weekly newspaper The Westword. It tells tourists to show up with cash in hand, since many of the businesses do not accept credit cards, and to be aware of the purchasing limits for out-of-state residents.

Finally, Fodor’s advises tourist not to smoke in public, but rather to seek out “4/20 friendly” events or smoke inside, and to consume all products before going through airport security.