Former Illinois Gov’s List of License Finalists Revealed

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who left office earlier this month without granting medical marijuana business licenses as initially planned, had a shortlist of companies ready to go.

The list of several dozen businesses was released by newly-inaugurated Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, and includes scores for the top contenders, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

But Rauner isn’t necessarily going to use the list as a starting point, or perhaps even at all, according to a spokesperson. Rather, the new administration plans on evaluating the process Quinn used and forward its findings to the state attorney general’s office to get more feedback.

“No licenses will be granted until this process is thoroughly reviewed,” a spokesperson said in a statement emailed to Marijuana Business Daily.

The top scorer on the list was TGS Illinois, which drew a final score of 718 for one application and 717 for a second. Most of the others on the list scored somewhere in the 600s or below.

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4 comments on “Former Illinois Gov’s List of License Finalists Revealed
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    This is all political corruption and obstructionism. We do not need or want regulation, we want freedom to grow, produce and manufacture hemp based fuel,fiber, food,medicine and the safest recreational substance known to humanity.We are the vast majority …..

  2. Annafrid Dahl on

    Embarrassing to Illinois. Seems very peculiar that over 50% of the awards for cultivation centers were given 2 and 3 times over to same applicants. It was like the dept of ag was on instant replay. this would be a horrible atrocity to let this market become flooded with a monopoly by a select few. A real disaster!!!

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