‘Fort Knox’ Proving Popular Among Michigan Caregivers

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In a state without a dispensary law, it’s difficult to operate safely in the marijuana industry. Not only do business owners risk legal prosecution, setting up safe and secure cannabis cultivation locations is tricky as well.

Matthew Herman, a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has developed a popular solution for the state’s small operators serving local patient basis, according to Mlive. His “Fort Knox” of cannabis cultivation is a 12,000 square-foot building renovated into a super-secure facility for caregivers – those who grow marijuana for legal MMJ patients – to remove the danger of home invasion from potential robbers.

The building has been retrofitted with alarms, secure access, and video cameras to deliver safe growing space to caregivers so they can cultivate without fear of having their plants stolen.

The new company, dubbed Cannabis Solutions, will sign leases with prospective tenants for $4,000 a month (plus a $4,000 security deposit) who want to grow at the building. Leases will include provisions that outline what’s permitted in the facility, such as the requirement that only caregivers are allowed in the cultivation rooms.

Even with that high-priced rent, Herman told Mlive.com that he has a waiting list 30 people deep already, and is planning on setting up another such establishment.