Four Governors Voice Opposition to Legalization

Marijuana legalization has opponents in high places.

Four U.S. governors – two Republicans and two Democrats – voiced their opposition to marijuana legalization on CNN’s “State of the Union” show on Sunday.

Republicans Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Pence of Indiana both said they flat-out do not support legalization. Democrats Dan Malloy of Connecticut and Jay Nixon of Missouri also said their states would not move forward with legalization.

Perry, who is considering a run for President in 2016, did budge slightly on the issue, and said he supports lowering the penalties for marijuana use, and that Texas currently has policies to limit the prison population for marijuana offenses.

Nixon admitted that Missouri could be headed toward legalizing medical marijuana, but that a move beyond medical marijuana represented “a bridge too far.”

Malloy, whose state has decriminalized possession of marijuana and legalized medical marijuana, said that he was not prepared take a step toward legalization. Connecticut’s medical marijuana program will allow between three to five dispensary licenses to accompany the four cultivation licenses it awarded in late January.

But Malloy said that pursuing marijuana legalization in order to raise tax revenue “doesn’t make sense.”

“Let’s not be enticed on that road because of money,” he said.

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6 comments on “Four Governors Voice Opposition to Legalization
  1. Johnny Korell on

    When are they going to throw their opinions in the ring about alcohol and cigarettes. The two known main killers of mankind . What do they have to say about that???????? Weed Deaths? None!!!!!!!

  2. [email protected] on

    Marijuana has very important Medical treatment and
    pain management use.There are many patients Nationwide, who need this
    plant.Less adverse effects then a Pharma Pills,more effective. But Big Pharma will not let go easily on “loss of Income”. Expect a fight.For me, this is the whole reason, why this God made Plant is ” Illegal”. It is cheap.

  3. Piper Green on

    Southern nevada co-op celebrating new medical marijuana regulations with patient reciprocity and increase in patient limits…music festival and cannabis claims first in states history.

  4. dan on

    Come on people wake up. For the one person that is goin to legitimately need mmj there will be 50 that dont. There are plenty of other great options out there.

  5. Johnny Korell on

    For Dan. What options are you talking about? Are you talking about Big Pharma? FDA’s benefactor. FDA approves drugs that can kill you. I see commercials all the time on T.V. that have several really serious side effects. Even death. If this is so you need to wake up.

  6. Clifton Middleton on

    These politicians are in violation of their oaths of office to represent the will and consent of the people. They themselves are against marijuana because of willfull ignorance but there are millions of folks in their states that have already decided that the herb is a good thing. Their desire to criminalize folks for pot makes them unfit to serve and they should resign to the trash bin of history.

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