Georgia Starts CBD Registry, Doesn’t Address Access

Some lawmakers and industry experts alike are touting Georgia’s expediency in getting the state’s patient registry for high-CBD, low-THC oils up and running so quickly.

The problem, however, is there’s no way for patients who register to buy the oil, and importing it would mean breaking federal law.

While possession of the low-CBD oil is allowed for registered Georgians, the state’s law doesn’t address the issue of how patients can obtain the medicine. Production facilities or dispensaries are not allowed, while federal law bans the transport of cannabis and infused products across state lines.

Despite these hurdles, the state Department of Public Health opened the CBD registry on Tuesday, much to the delight of lawmakers and patients suffering from one of the few ailments that can legally be treated in the state, including cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

The state will send cards, which cost $25, to approved patients, yet they’ll have no way to get CBD products.

The same situation is playing out in many of the other dozen-plus states that have legalized CBD-based medicine recently but do allow for the production and sale of infused products.

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3 comments on “Georgia Starts CBD Registry, Doesn’t Address Access
  1. Seth Tyrssen on

    This is a useless, toothless law which was nothing more than a bit of political grand-standing for a governor embattled with accusations of scandal. And I said so in our publication, “Veritas.” See: Temple of Ankh’n’Abis/Church of the Sacred Herb on Facebook.

  2. Jahpharmer on

    Ahhh, my good’ol home state has done did it again.

    All the good’ol boys down at the gold dome be pat’n themselves on the back at such a good job they done did fo all them suffer’n ‘n need of cannabis medicine, while in actuality what they’ve done is continue cannabis prohibition in Gaw’gah, and encouraging the possibility of federal criminal charges against Gaw’gans who are forced to cross state lines to go get then return with medicine for themselves or their sick and dying relatives: if you can make it back alive across the state line you be safe now…right, ha!, yea right!

    Just gonna take cross referencing credit card purchases in Colorado, etc., with Gaw’gans who’ve legally registered for CBC cannabis use, all gladly submitted by the GBI to the FBI/DEA for their front doors to come crashing-in and the goon squads storming through their homes now. As usual you can depend on Gaw’gah lawmakers to find some way to turn a profit, seize some homes, incarcerate a few more citizens, and gleefully disrupt the lives of sick and injured all the while patting themselves on the back about what good politicians they are…sick.

  3. Seth Tyrssen on

    Bingo, Jahpharmer. Like I said bove, check out our newsletter (which says pretty much the same thing) on Facebook.

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