Georgia Gov Says No to CBD Production

It looks like it’ll take more persuading before Georgia entrepreneurs have a chance to begin making and selling CBD oils.

Gov. Nathan Deal basically put the kibosh on CBD production in his state on Wednesday, even though CBD oil has already been legalized for medical patients.

Currently, CBD is legal for those in the state to use, but there’s no way for anyone to obtain it legally, since patients would have to acquire the marijuana-based oils in another state and then break federal law by transporting it across state lines to bring it home.

One local Republican lawmaker – the same one who got CBD legalized earlier this year – is in the process of working on a bill to allow for in-state production, but Deal said Wednesday he doesn’t think the state is ready for that.

“I still don’t think we have sufficient information or ability to control something of that nature if we start production and processing here in our state,” Deal told reporters, according to the Telegraph.

3 comments on “Georgia Gov Says No to CBD Production
  1. Blue Crab Botanicsls on

    “Ability to control something of that natue”. Clearly there is very little
    understanding about Hemp. Wonder
    how much tabacco, breweries and
    Distilleries are in GA contributing
    to the unhealthy living down in GA
    not to mention their Obesity rates
    How long for stupid to understand
    the safety of Hemp?


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