Green Life Business Group announces “The Bar has been Set, State of The Art Cultivation Facility” For SALE 109M

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving. Rules and regulations are also constantly changing and as the “Green Rush” continues to progress and set a strong footprint it is clear that this continued growth is also having a strong effect on Mergers and Acquisitions. Green Life Business Group Inc has been recognized for years now as the leaders in the cannabis business brokerage world for California. The constant volume of cannabis businesses being sold has led to major cannabis opportunities to rise. Green Life Business has continued to expand its horizons by tackling and representing some of the largest acquisitions in the space.

2020 was a very rough year for many; unfortunately many people lost jobs, homes, loved ones etc. Despite the hardships of 2020 and Covid-19 the cannabis industry established itself as recession proof and pandemic proof. We are constantly seeing an influx of buyers from the restaurant industry, fitness and gym industry and so on. This has led to a substantial amount of movement on the M&A side of things. We are constantly representing buyers and sellers who want to jump into the cannabis space or simply cash out given the demand for these businesses.

Green Life’s success has led to the representation of massive cannabis opportunities. “We have sold more than 12 businesses in the last 90 days with more currently in Escrow including 1 Vertical in LA that is $30M+. We finished 2020 on a very strong note and really raised eyebrows not only in the state of California but across the nation. Our performance has led us to represent a $109 Million Dollar opportunity in San Bernardino County,” says Ceo of Green Life Business Drew Mathews. This state of the art facility has set the bar for cannabis grows.

“We’ve represented hundreds of cannabis opportunities ranging from state of the art dispensaries, manufacturing facilities, to grows and we have never seen anything like this,” says Eric Espinoza, Marketing Director of Green Life Business.

2021 is set to be the largest year for Mergers and Acquisitions to date for California.  Green Life Business continues to take pride in pushing the industry forward. The New Players coming into the industry since the new administration took office are coming in fast and with a lot of capital behind them, so it’s a great time to be a Seller.

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