Group of Doctors to Offically Oppose Arkansas Medical Cannabis Legislation

More bad news for MMJ efforts in the South: A handful of doctors are urging voters to reject a ballot measure calling for the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas.

The doctors will hold a press conference today to officially announce their opposition to the measure, which would allow patients with qualifying medical conditions to grow, use and buy cannabis. The ballot proposal would also pave the way for the opening of nonprofit dispensaries to distribute the drug.

The announcement could help seal the fate of medical marijuana in Arkansas by convincing undecided voters to cast ballots against the initiative. The opinions of healthcare professionals on MMJ issues often carry a lot of weight with voters who are still deciding whether to support or oppose medical cannabis legalization.

A recent poll found that a whopping 54% of voters in Arkansas oppose the MMJ measure, while 8% remain undecided.

If the measure somehow passes, Arkansas would become the first state in the South to legalize medical cannabis.