Growers in Oregon Talk Testing, Recreational Cannabis

Several dozen medical marijuana growers and producers met Wednesday to talk through a range of industry issues, from testing to politics to the state’s new recreational cannabis law.

The group is part of Oregon Grower’s PAC, a political action committee formed earlier this year to help advance the legal marijuana industry in the state.

Criminal defense attorney Amy Margolis, who formed the group, stressed to those gathered Wednesday that “We need to demonstrate that people in the industry look like everyone else,” according to The Oregonian.

Testing was also a big issue, with growers complaining about inconsistencies and high costs, the newspaper reported.

The group plans to share its ideas and concerns about marijuana regulations and policy with members of the state Legislature and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is charged with heading up the recreational cannabis measure passed by voters in November.

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One comment on “Growers in Oregon Talk Testing, Recreational Cannabis
  1. bongstar420 on

    I’m sorry. Everyone else is a low standard. We need to be better than everyone else.

    Complaining about the cost of testing is absurd. It is less than 5% for people selling wholesale amounts. Also, no one is stopping them from setting up testing businesses and showing everyone why the prices are too high….

    This is are simply trying to lower standards so they can make easier profits. I’d prefer that the standards be higher than what HB 3460 requires which is just THC/CBD%, <10,000 CFU microbes, and <0.1ppm pesticide residue (the pesticide residue is cool, and can't be better).

    Basically, I plan on being forced to live off of less than my competition becuase I wall always be forced to pay premiums to get a full analysis and will be forced to price lower since the average consumer doesn't actually care about anything but cheap drugs.

    Its why people want GMO labels but could care less about actual residue counts or any other empirically measurable aspect about GMO products.

    The testing inconsistencies is a legitimate complaint though.

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